Welcome to the Downtown Mystic Merchants Association.

Nestled along both banks of the Mystic River, is one of New England’s premier tourist destinations.  Historic Downtown Mystic has a rich tradition as a waterside community that makes our locals happy to call it home, and our visitors feeling like it’s their second home.  Come explore our welcoming downtown, where you can eat, stay, shop and play anytime of the year. Head to the bridge!

Upcoming Events

Mystic Pirate Invasion

October 4 @ 3:00 pm
October 5 @12:00 pm

Arggh me matey! Scuttlebutt would have tell that thar be a second wave o' pirates plannin' to make land fall in our port o' Mystic this 4th and 5th o' October. Me hears that thar'll be some unsavory scallywags seekin' shelter in our local pubs and eateries on the night o' the 4th. They will be hidin' out, layin' in wait for the invasion to take place on that morrow, the 5th o' October at high noon. Please locate a wanted poster and help save our lovely town by findin' Mystics Most Wanted (3:00 to 6:00 pm) afore our time to secure the port has passed. When the hunt is over, free yerselves up for a special Lantern Light Pirate Tour of Mystic.

Event Information